Leonardo DaVinci once said that “everything connects to everything else”. 

I had the opportunity to experience and connect with nature and wildlife since my childhood years. Besides moving multiple times, my dad took me and my siblings to many trips broadening our horizons and allowing us to experience and connect to different places from small to big cities, and from the mountains to the oceans. But nothing spoke louder to me than any wildlife experience I had, especially marine ones. 

Passionate and curious for the oceans, those experiences always filled me with noble joy. There is a lot of controversy around whether wildlife encounters are good or bad. Some people speak from experience, some from feelings, and some probably have no idea of what they are saying. But wouldn't billions of people on earth equates to billions of minds and opinions that are not always the same? Different countries, different values, different languages, different ways of expressing things, in summary, we are so diverse, but so is nature and wildlife. And I am grateful that this is so. 

Life is not just one single path, one single rule, one single opinion, one single perception. It is way richer than that. And that’s what makes story telling so fascinating. My experiences are my own, and so are yours, and so are theirs, and they are all unique! 

Whether you are a photographer, videographer, traveler, writer, artist, scientist, student, tourist or anything else, when you are connected with nature and wildlife, it is powerful and magical. That sense of connectivity, which Leonardo DaVinci referred to, can hardly be put into words, but it can certainly be felt through experiences. When any wildlife chooses to interact with us it can be scary or awe-inspiring, or even both at the same time.

Have you had any wildlife encounter experience? What was it like? Write me a comment!

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